when you just can’t let it lie

You poke it with a stick,

A sleeping bear, you know is dangerous.

It will get angry, and hurt

But you have to feel that pain,

You don’t know any other way.

So, I’ve entered another 100 mile foot race next month. If I had finished the one at the weekend, there is no way I would have entered another one; but the pain of failure is just too much for this girl to take.

I’m sure there are a lot of other people who struggle to let things go when it all turns to shit. I guess that’s how people become successful in nine out of ten cases. It’s that inability to say ‘well, I found that difficult so I just won’t bother doing it again.’

I may be a crap runner, but I do have a dogged determination to get things done. One of my colleagues said she thinks I have a bit of a probleem. And I have to agree. And I’m kinda glad that I do have this problem.

Much Love

Rachel xx