margaret keenan: what a legend

She slid through life, near unnoticed to the world

And then one day, she stepped out into burning light

As vaccine poured through aging veins

And all the world had held its breath

Waiting for the answer we all hoped to answer

That the virus died that day

That Maggie stepped out for our race.

I don’t know a thing about the science, or whether this vaccine is going to do anything in our fight against COVID; but whatever the outcome, I felt like today was one of those really important days that will never be forgotten.

And I found it even more touching knowing that it was a lady who is 91 next week that was vaccinated first. Just to think that the world has been to hell and back this year and a little old lady was possibly the first step back to a healthy planet.

I might be getting a bit sentimental, and I know I have a tendency to do that, but I think that it’s beautiful that she was ‘the one’. A lady who has lived a life out of the spotlight, just thrust into that spotlight very suddenly.

I do wonder what the hell she must be feeling at the moment. She’s trending on Twitter and she probably doesn’t even know what that means!

However, it’s her reaction that makes me love her most. She just urged people to follow in her footsteps and have the vaccine.

Today was a momentous day and Margaret Keenan has been the hero of it… and I bet she expected it least of all….

Much Love

Rachel xx

we’re the best in the world……i think

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Ball to the back of the net

And a roar of crowds that want the win,

We are the ones that got there first,

Scored the goal or crossed the line.

But at what cost?

And really should we boast?

When we’ve already lost the most…..

So, I saw Gavin Williamson on TV and he was boasting about the fact that our country was the first to approve a vaccine. And in his words, that’s because we are the best country.

I’m patriotic and I love being positive about my British-ness, but I kind of had to hang my head in shame. We didn’t develop the vaccine; all we did was pass it off as safe before the rest of the world. Is that even an achievement? I’m sorry, I’m not a scientist but I don’t understand how that makes us the best?

And the fact that these really boastful comments were coming from our educational secretary who botched exam results and sent students off to halls to get stuck there for three months; well, I find it hard to take any comments like this all that seriously.

I don’t really like the idea of speaking about a vaccine like it’s some sort of championship that needs to be won. I think it’s a bit tasteless and I think we should be helping each other out, country to country.

We have lost 60,000 people now. I am really sad to confirm that we really are not the best. Stay safe and look after each other.

Much Love

Rachel xx

We just don’t know

We can’t confirm that this thing works

Or even if it’s safe to take.

We plan to dose up oldies first

And then the ones with illnesses,

So let us hope it does its job.

But still we’ll let the lower class

Struggle through in danger zones,

The supermarkets and the schools

Can battle on with paper masks

And little else to help them through.

The twenty twenty superstars

Will burn so bright despite the lies,

The bungled words and shaky terms

That fall from mouths of crooked men

In shiny suits from public schools,

The dark elite that just don’t know.