you voted for who?!

I liked you,

I really, really liked you,

Viewed through my glasses

With the rose tinted lenses.

And then you said those words,

The lenses shattered with the sounds

That jarred my mind, stopped my heart

And made me wonder what I saw

Behind that changing face.

I absolutely don’t want to get into any political scraps but I just wanted to write a bit about how I view people when I find out how they voted.

I’m a bit of a black and white person; I put people on a pedestal when they please me and when they fall I find it hard to put them back there. That’s a problem with me that I’m trying to work on.

But, does anyone else really like people and then completely change their opinion of them when they find out that they voted differently to you? I don’t know if it’s me being a bad person or whether we are being conditioned to feel really strongly about politics at the moment. I mean, everything is so polarised at the moment and I think the media play a big part in that.

I was talking to a new person at my work the other day and I was really starting to like him. Then he happened to say that he voted differently to me. I must have visibly flinched as I watched him fall from that lofty pedestal.

I’m in the UK and we’ve had to endure Brexit which has divided the country, but I’m sure it’s know different in the US and many other countries around the world.

I just think that it’s so sad that politics has become such a hate filled arena. It’s been like that for eternity but it really feels like it’s intensified with certain characters coming onto the scene (not mentioning any names).

Anyway, just be nice to each other and don’t take a leaf out of my book. I’m a work in progress but at least I’m honest.

Much Love

Rachel xx