what the weather lady said

wooden bench against brick building in park
Photo by Marta Wave on Pexels.com

What the weather lady said on that Tuesday night

As I sat with chicken noodles perched on my lap,

She warned that the ice would freeze over hell

And the wind would sweep us up in her arms.

As the clock would strike ten, she said

We’d fall in love on the succulent clouds,

Tipping to midnight we’d be gently rained

Down to the lake where the row boat sailed

Like the owl and the pussy cat in the ghastly rhyme

We hoped that we’d reach the shoreline in time.

Life would be simple, she said through the screen,

If we stop looking to a future unknown.

It’s not possible, she said, tapping the glass,

We’re merely just guessing, making up stories

To occupy minds that wander too far

In the hope that we’ll find a love in the snow

And dig in our roots in order to grow.

sweet release

The sky had been a barren blue

For weeks, we’d felt the prickle

Of sweat rolling down our backs,

The heat so heavy it felt unbearable

To walk with it on shoulders

Hunched and ready for the rain.

So when those clouds rolled in

Like giants wrapped in duvets,

Ready to awake

And ready to uproar.

The sky will split and rain will fall

And people step out in gardens

Looking upwards, arms outstretched

Thankful that the heat is gone

Like air escaping from balloons,

Leaving skins that once were taut,

Shrivelled up and cold.

my rain

My rain is here and there,

Not just the gentle pitter patter that

I came to know when young,

The kind that speckled classroom windows

On September afternoons

Drab with cold and heavy with expectancy

For mothers to collect and feed

When bells rang out so shrill and loud.

But then there’s also rain from there

In Africa where womanhood took hold.

The heavy lashing at the panes

Of shacks set on the side of fields

That wafted through the scent

Of citrus fruits on air so thick

I felt quite nourished by my breath.

Two very different types of rain

But both have brought me comfort here,

The volume changed to suit the time,

The rhythmic tapping keeps me dancing

Through the years that passed me by.

I needed a prompt today so I visited dVerse Poets for a bit of inspiration. The prompt was ‘give me your rain’. I thought hard about this and realised that the sound of rain has shaped certain parts of my life.

I grew up in the UK and knew that light rain that came with our grey skies. It is familiar and reminds me of childhood and my time at school.

Then I moved to Africa just as I was becoming an adult and the tropical storms were the soundtrack to that tumultuous part of my life. I can still close my eyes and remember how I felt as the rain pounded the windows each afternoon as the heavens opened.

Our emotions are very closely tied up with our senses and the rain brings so many of our senses into play, so it makes sense that the sound of it can make our hearts beat a bit faster. I guess it’s a reason why some of us are so affected by ASMR. I love nothing more than sitting with my book and listening to the Hogwarts library ASMR videos. To me, that is bliss.

And the sound of rain on the window will remind me of the good and the bad times in life and that ebb and flow is what makes life so perfectly rich and exciting. So that’s my rain, what’s yours?

Much Love

Rachel xx

Original prompt found here https://dversepoets.com/2020/06/02/rain/