harry and meghan and the queen

tea beside cupcakes
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Sitting drinking tea, moodily

The silence hangs so heavily

Over a drawing room dripping in gold

And paintings of kings and queens.

But this queen, she ain’t impressed

With her unwanted house guests.

Harry and Meghan are on the front of nearly every newspaper in the UK because they met with the Queen yesterday. This was the first time they have been in the UK together since they quit the Royal Family in 2020.

Most of the newspapers and commentators have been talking about how awkward that meeting might have been. And I can kind of understand why people would think that. I mean, that interview with Oprah probably went went down like a lead balloon in the palace.

However, the Queen has been on the throne for 70 years and she has weathered so many storms. She has kept calm and carried on through it all and I don’t think you can manage that if you also choose to be bitter.

We obviously don’t know what happened behind closed doors, but my hope is that she welcomed them in with open arms. He is apparently her favourite grandchild and from the Invictus Games video that they released, it would appear that they used to have great fun together.

Let’s just hope that they enjoyed an afternoon of laughter and reconciliation over tea and cucumber sandwiches, with the corgis bouncing all over them.

Much Love

Rachel xx

proud to be british?

gray concrete castle with flag on top under blue sky
Photo by Kris Schulze on Pexels.com

A flag of scarlet and of royal blue,

A union of the jacks

That whistles in the Easter wind

Preceded by those crimson coats

And Nimrod played by regal men

Who dedicated life and limb

To the majesty of them.

We felt ashamed but under Spring like sun

We felt that bubble slowly burst

And something tinged with glowing pride

Filled the hearts of all of us.

Sorry to harp on about the royal family again, but I did sit and watch the funeral today because I felt like I wanted to reflect on the life of somebody who has served this country for so many years. And it was a very moving service and all the pomp and ceremony that goes with it just fills my heart with pride for this country.

I know that we have a past that we should question in many ways, but we do have a history that is so rich in tradition and history is something that should be treasured and remembered. Even the bad bits. Because they’re the bits we learn from and we grow from there, as human beings.

I felt that anyone watching in another country would look at what was done today and they would think that Britain should be proud. Just the band playing on the lawn was magical to watch.

The Queen was also superb. I don’t know how she held her composure as well as she did. She cut an awfully lonely figure as she sat on her own in the chapel and I kind of hope that her children make sure she has a few whiskies tonight.

And I’m not normally one to openly cry at funerals of people I don’t know but when I first saw the Queen in her car my heart broke a little bit. But the part that was most poignant for me was when Nimrod was being played and the cameras panned over to the walls of the castle and the staff had all filed out from the rooms and the kitchens and stood with their heads bowed for the coffin. It was so touching that even they were included and that they really seemed to respect the man who had been their boss for so long.

Much Love,

Rachel xx