working hard for your approval

It’s a little bit like a hamster wheel,

The harder I run, the less I achieve.

I’m trying hard, that’s for sure,

A perma-smile plastered across my face

Each time I step inside,

Doing a little dance (and a song) for your approval.

But I could give you the moon on a stick

And I still think that we’d be here,

Staring at me with the evil eye,

Because I just can’t give you enough.

I’ve realised as I approach the final few days in my training school, that it’s really hard to win the approval of some classes. And I think that age really plays a huge part. You get into a class of Year 7’s and they take to you after half an hour. But the Year 10’s are a whole different kettle of fish.

That class are all around 15 and they are bright kids. And they can quite clearly see right through me. They know that I’m a student and that I’m still finding my feet and they are quite happy to point out all of my weaknesses.

It’s fine. I’m prepared for it. But it has taught me that the older years will hold me to account. I will have to work for their respect. But how much better will that relationship be when I have earned that respect? I think that it’ll be worth every ounce of the blood, sweat and tears that has gone into forming it.

Much Love

Rachel xx