standing up to the bullies

We sat sipping lemonades, as the sea rolled in.

A sunbeam of stars tied to the tide

And soft little bubbles tickling noses.

It seemed like a step closer to heaven

When he hit me with the choice I would have to make.

Leave my integrity, holding his hand

Or run from our bench drenched in hot sun.

I climbed to my feet and stumbled away.

Better leave heaven on a warm sunny day

Than burn up with guilt

As we walk into a sunset

Heavy with grief.

So, let’s talk about Donald Trump, and more importantly the people around him. He is making some pretty outlandish health claims of late and as a President that’s pretty irresponsible. However, he does have qualified advisors surrounding him and I find it more worrying that these people aren’t stepping up and saying something.

I understand that their jobs are on the line if they go against what he says, but surely a doctor should have a moral obligation to raise concerns if he says something that is untrue and DANGEROUS!

I am in the UK so I don’t know the ins and outs of American politics but I’m sure that educated men and women should feel it necessary to stand up and say something. I think that if our queen started telling people to inject themselves with bleach, some of us might tell her to think before she speaks. (The queen is amazing and would never do that but I just felt it necessary to draw a comparison between the two heads of state).

I’ve never been in a position where I’ve had influence in politics so, again, I might not be the most qualified person to have a rant about this, but I have stood up and said something at work and in relationships. We all have the chance to step up in whatever capacity and fight for what is right.

Don’t sit back and let someone be a bully to others or force your hand into doing something you don’t agree with. And let’s hope and pray that people start to find the courage to tell Trump he’s wrong, not that it would make much difference as I’m sure that doctor urged him not to take hydroxychloriquine and yet he’s still taking it!

Much Love

Rachel xx