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more stress or more love?

To cross the threshold leaving care Behind with clocking off in time, It makes the world seem easier, But at what cost does that come? With no one to congratulate, To whisper words that appreciate, Then what’s the point of that? Why bother leaving for a day Of something close to misery? I’ve been thinking […]

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the first one has dropped

Another one bites the dust And I’m hardly able to believe That it’s not me sprawled on the floor. Another one bites the dust As we jump another hurdle The next one still seems so unsure. We lost one of the students on our course today. It was almost inevitable that one of the 29 […]

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death by powerpoint

Those little slides that offer help To when we flounder in the pit Of words that cannot roll off tongues, We have that crutch to hold us up But God, they bore the people in our thrall. I have been told to deliver a lesson that relies more on questioning and less on the PowerPoint […]

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on feeling nervous about what i can actually teach

I’d like to talk of things that cloud my mind, The things I wish I’d known back then. But something tugs my words back down, A second thought that must be formed For fear of causing trouble. I’d love to tell them all about the ups and downs They’ll face along the way, But all […]

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parents’ evening

Faces pop on PC screens For just eight minutes at a time, But speaking to the parent of That child that sits too quietly, So far back I sometimes fail to see, I realise that there’s such a depth, The things I never knew. I sat in my first parents’ evening tonight and it was […]

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the inner city school

Pushing through the corridors With shouts and shoves and maybe even knives, The teachers are just there to split The fights and take a battering Of words too old for Key Stage 3 to know. But somewhere in the muddy bowels Of the inner city school we know A teacher sparks a love of art […]

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i may well be catastrophizing

It’s one huge ball of fire That’s burnt up in my face, Singeing eyebrows, burning noses, Warning me to stay away. And yet I’ll wade right in. I have no choice, Despite the heat that pushes back. I have my first official observation tomorrow and I’ve suddenly come over all funny. I literally feel like […]

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sunday night dread

The precipice is just one stride away, Or one sleep, however you may measure it. I want to wind it back a day or two, But time is constant, on and on, And soon the morning will be here And so will work, we’ll heave with stress, Falling until Friday night When life can start […]

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anyone else just freeze up?

When Life with the dreadful capital L Heaps on the careful demands of the day I don’t run into action with rifles and bombs, I just stand in the trenches, waiting for death, My heart in my mouth as I watch people burn, In glory or pain, I’m never quite sure. All that I know […]

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essay writing…..i’m half way there

It’s a mountain, you know, Getting to the end of this road, It stretches up, and when I think I’m there, I raise my eyes and see how far there is to go And I’m never sure that it’ll ever end. I know it will, It just feels that way. Ugh, I’m writing my first […]

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